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Alta brings the trading and distribution of securities, fund management, custody and tokenization solutions under one roof, powered by a blockchain-powered exchange.
Discover what this means for you as an investor, or as an asset owner.
We're calling it PMaaS — Private Markets as a Service.

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We developed an end-to-end solution that addresses the traditional problems of liquidity, accessibility and efficiency through our key technology tenets.

(*Alta is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and complies with the agency’s Technical Risk Management guidelines.)

End-to-end flow to match supply with demand

Our web and mobile app provides access to exclusive investment opportunities, ranging from equity to real estate and even whiskey. You can access real-time industry data anytime and anywhere, making it easier to invest.
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Seamless transaction settlement

Alternative asset transactions can now be as efficient as those in public markets. This results in significant cost savings and a better investor experience. With options ranging from online payments to immediate blockchain settlement, these transactions are easier and more accessible than ever before.

Real-time investor and issuer visibility into digitised assets

Smart contracts can help issuers distribute tokenized assets more efficiently, giving investors greater transparency and control over their investments. As a result, investors can make better-informed investment decisions.
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