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Fundnel paves the way for early investors and employees of private companies to sell their shares — a pioneer in Southeast Asia. We work alongside shareholders who hail from the world’s most prolific companies to help them discover the value of their holdings and match them with our network of buyers.

Realise your investments, recycle funds into new ventures, or distribute gains to your investors and employees


Network Size

With a network of over 14,000 institutional and accredited investor accounts, we can accommodate sell-orders from a spectrum of sectors, sizes and geographies.


Our sales and trading desk comprises a team of investment professionals who will manage the execution, end-to-end, on your behalf, and anonymously at your behest.

Employee and Individual Investors

Personal priorities shift with time, and your investment portfolio should adapt synchronously. Our platform simplifies the complex process of selling your shares, so you can gain the capital you need to focus on what’s important, like putting the down-payment on your dream home or sending your child to university.
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Venture Capital

Today’s volatile economy renders market-based exits challenging. We offer a bespoke solution to assist VCs in portfolio monetisation planning, before an IPO or trade sale. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you and your fund managers to conceptualise an optimum plan to surpass your distribution targets.
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We have uncovered a method that grants you the opportunity to reward your employees and investors, while maintaining control over your company’s ownership. You can now design a liquidity programme that presents your shareholders with an avenue to realise the value of their contributions, while we find suitable buyers that match your requirements.
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