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Benjamin Twoon

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
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I’m interested in everything really, but I remain fascinated and focused on the vibrancy and potential of what’s next in the emerging economy that is Indonesia

Professional Background

Benjamin leads Fundnel's Private Equity Investments division and is responsible for developing the group's Private Capital Markets and Fund Management capabilities. Benjamin spearheaded Fundnel’s expansion into Indonesia in 2015, and oversees strategy formulation for regional expansion. He was integral in Fundnel’s founding membership of and serves as Director of Hg Exchange, Asia’s first member-driven licensed private exchange to support the issuance and trading of both digital and non-digital capital market products, and currently serves as Independent Non-Executive Director of Sheng Ye Capital, a specialised enterprise financial services provider in the People‘s Republic of China listed on the Hong Kong Exchange. Previously, Benjamin served as Non-Executive Director of Anthill Capital Pte Ltd, a regional investment and incubation platform, as well as Y Ventures Group, a data-driven e-commerce company listed on the Singapore Exchange. Benjamin boasts a wealth of diverse experience in Private Equity, Corporate Finance and Banking, across various countries in Asia Pacific. Prior to Fundnel, he covered investments and M&A at Pavilion Energy, and was a Management Associate at Citi. He also worked in the Corporate Finance team at Winson Oil Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia.

The Backstory

Everyone in Fundnel works on the same floor. It really helps that we can see each other, hurl ideas back and forth and just shoot the breeze with everyone, even our interns. The people who know us really like to work with us. We’re in the relationship business and a big part of what we do is using technology to enhance the sense of participation. Finance first and foremost is about trust.

What I've Learnt

We’re helping institutions and individuals to take a better (and closer) look at the growth potential of private businesses around the region. Being able to bring people together at a Fundnel Deal Table is what we do. I never believed in the idea of people working for me. It’s my job and responsibility to enable people to grow personally and professionally by providing guidance. If I could take a bit of time out of the day I would take the time to enjoy reading and learning about something completely esoteric just because.