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Senior Software Engineer

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Alta, previously known as Fundnel, is Southeast Asia’s largest digital marketplace for alternative investments. Alta gives investors unfettered access to invest and trade in a wide range of high-performing alternative assets, from direct investment into private companies, private equity and venture capital funds, real estate, luxury assets, and more. As a licensed integrated marketplace, Alta brings the trading and distribution of securities, fund management, payments solutions under one roof. Through its blockchain-powered exchange, Alta is also able to support the tokenization, digital custody, and trading of alternative assets. Today, while more investors are looking to increase their allocation to alternative assets, the high costs of investing and illiquidity of private markets can often give many investors pause. Alta makes it easier and more efficient than ever for investors to trade tokenized alternative assets at smaller, fractionalized blocks, thereby enhancing liquidity in the private markets, bringing alternative assets to all.

Since 2016, Alta has completed over US$600 million in transactions, creating access to over US$22 billion worth of mandated deals. Alta is backed by Nomura, Integra Partners, Binance Asia, Philip Securities and Prime Partners, and is headquartered in Singapore and operates offices globally.

Senior Software Engineer (Indonesia)

As a Senior Software Engineer at Alta, you will have the opportunity to leverage your extensive full-stack software skills in a modern and rapidly evolving development environment, while also being deeply integrated into a broader team that’s on the leading edge of financial innovation.  Blockchain, DeFi, API/service-driven architectures, serverless infrastructure, data pipelines, front-end frameworks and no-code platforms are all key elements of our technological ecosystem that you will be exposed to.

At Alta, we are developing a suite of platforms and services that form the backbone of our operations. Brokerage: A rich and evolving web experience designed to cater to diverse investors, focusing on alternative assets across all classes through insightful, data-driven dashboards and deep asset analysis. Back-Office Operations Platform: A robust platform that integrates with numerous third-party service providers in KYC, payments, and settlement, along with ready integration with our internal systems to streamline operations across various departments. Exchange: A modern, digital-first asset exchange aimed at rapid API-driven trades, providing member firms with readily accessible market data through API integrations or direct UI access. Custody: An adaptable and scalable approach to digital asset tokenization, offering agnostic support across various asset classes and blockchains, coupled with a hybrid ledger for seamless custodial operations. As a Senior Engineer, you will play a crucial role in building and shaping these applications. 

As a senior engineer, both hands-on development and technical leadership are big parts of the job. You’ll be a key technical stakeholder in our feature planning process, helping to map complex business requirements to technical solutions and offering your ideas and opinions. You’ll have extensive opportunities to mentor more junior members of the team, and will contribute significantly to ensuring we continue to hire the best engineering talent to the team. We build quickly but carefully – the security and privacy of our investors and partners is paramount, so you’ll be keeping these front-of-mind throughout all of the work that you do.

We’re a supportive, social, and entrepreneurial team of former investment bankers, technologists and strategists. Clear, honest communication is key to everything we do.

The sorts of things you’ll be doing:

  • Working on one or more of our technical teams as a key contributor to our code base, as a technical advisor and a thought leader
  • Participating in code reviews within and outside of your team to help continuously improve the quality of our code
  • Having the opportunity to own your own deliverables, working with business stakeholders and peers on your team from planning through to release
  • Contributing to the continued development of our infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines
  • In consultation with our Data team, evolve the data schemas that underpin our business processes
  • Adding to our automated testing framework
  • Taking part in regular security testing
  • Keeping up to date with the latest in tooling and industry best practice, ensuring that we’re constantly discussing, evaluating and implementing the best 
  • Expressing your ideas, opinions and feedback on our tech stack, tooling and culture to ensure we’re always improving as a technology team and as a company

As our Senior Software Engineer, we know you’ll be doing significant learning on the job. That said, we’re hoping you’ll bring:

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience
  • Strong experience in multiple object-oriented and/or functional programming languages. We’re language-agnostic in our hiring, but have JavaScript/Node, Rails, Python and others in our ecosystem stack
  • A strong sense of what it takes to build a scalable, secure and cloud-native application architecture
  • Able to choose the right coding pattern for the job, including around building easily testable code (if not via pure TDD, at least leveraging those principles)
  • Good experience with source control systems like GitHub or Bitbucket, and how they work within a team
  • Strong code review habits, leading by example on being proactive and constructive with comments and conversations among your peers
  • Excellent knowledge data modeling in both relational and non-relational databases
  • Good familiarity with service-oriented architectures and API-driven system design

Beyond the technology, we also hope you’ve got some interest in:

  • Financial services, particularly the investment space
  • Digitized and decentralized finance (DeFi), and all the new financial products and possibilities that come with these innovations (cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, NFTs, etc.)
  • An appreciation for experimentation and designing systems/processes that accommodate business and technical agility
  • Food! We talk about it a lot :)

As a close-knit, social team we generally prefer to work together in person at one of our offices. That said, we provide a flexible working environment that is adaptable to periods of working from home.

Thanks for reading. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Team Alta

We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to providing a positive interview experience for every candidate. As a company, we value fairness, transparency and build our teams around these values. Check out our careers page to get to know us better as you think about your next step with us!

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